Uncorded Disposable Foam Plugs

Uncorded Disposable Foam Plugs

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Tested according to ANSI S3.19-1974, Radians Made in the USA, DETERRENT® disposable foam earplugs feature soft, slow-recovery foam for extreme comfort and outstanding noise reduction to protect your hearing. They are easy to roll down and insert, and expand slowly for a low-pressure fit in virtually any size ear canal. They are available in
corded and uncorded options and are conveniently packaged in individual polybags to
keep each pair clean.

Wing Shape
Offers versatility and a comfortable fit for a larger range of individual ear canals. Wing shape allows for easy insertion and removal.

Extremely Soft Foam Plug Provides a comfortable seal without pressure

DETERRENT™ FP34 - UNCORDED Style Disposable Material Polyurethane Foam NRR 32 Shape Wing Color Yellow & Green Dielectric Yes Size Regular Box 200 Box / 2000 Case Bag 50 Bag FP34BG50 Bulk FP34-B250 / FP34-B500 Origin Made in USA